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Why Asian American kids excel. It’s not ‘Tiger Moms.’ →

Why do Asian American students outpace everyone else academically?
The most publicized attempt to answer that question — a few years ago, by Yale Law School professor Amy Chua — set off a controversy that rages to this day.

Sexting, Shame and Suicide →

Reading this article made me feel so angry. 

Angry that despite it being 2014, girls still can’t feel like they can be themselves in school, that they feel they have to present themselves as being sexually available in order to be validated. 

Angry that young boys (they’re not even old enough to be called young men) would think subjecting another human being to such cruel and horrific treatment is essentially acceptable because it’s just a “prank”. 

Angry that people would think the victim “deserved it” because she was drunk and that she would have “liked it”. 

Angry that the adults in this situation essentially do NOTHING to provide any guidance. And that some would even think the boys shouldn’t be punished too harshly because they were just “being stupid” and that the victim had “a lot of other problems in her life”. As if that makes what the boys did more acceptable?!

I just don’t understand how.

WHY would you let your kids have a party without any adult supervision. Especially since it doesn’t take a genius to realise they WILL somehow manage to procure alcohol.

What struck me most was that these kids aren’t even 16, but they’re trying to live like they’re college students on spring break. They’re kids, they’re not old enough to understand the consequences of their actions, let alone live with them. 

I think everyone should read this and feel sick about what’s going on. And after you read this, go do something about it. Tell a young girl it’s fine not to be “liked” if people only like you for your willingness to send a sexy/risque photo; that she is so much more than a pair of boobs or just some ass. Talk to a young man about how to treat women. Teach a child that it’s hard not to be popular and it’s difficult not to be “cool”, but that it means so little in the future, especially if all it does is tear their self-esteem down and break their individuality. I don’t know, just DO something. ing

Kamila Shamsie on applying for British citizenship: 'I never felt safe' | UK news | The Guardian →

After six years of living in Britain, the author thought that the path to citizenship would be easy. She was wrong – but the fraught journey forced her to think about privilege, identity and the hostility that immigrants can face

The startling human progress that economists fail to see - →

The steady accumulation of knowledge is important but sudden advances matter most

The Blood Harvest - Alexis C. Madrigal - The Atlantic →

Each year, half a million horseshoe crabs are captured and bled alive to create an unparalleled biomedical technology.

Hadde du gitt jakken din til Johannes? (by SOSbarnebyerNorge)